About BirdCare Aotearoa

With a highly professional, well trained, experienced team on board, we offer a holistic service with a breadth of care unlike any other bird care centre in New Zealand.

Collaboration is central to our work. We consult with local iwi and partner with other wildlife-related organisations to make sure that we can use the depth of expertise and knowledge available. We also share our knowledge in a variety of ways, teaching others how to care for our precious bird life.

Our staff are well regarded and we are known for being at the forefront of bird care. As well as being available and open to local people who find an injured bird, we also coordinate with rescue centres and frontline responders throughout New Zealand, to make sure that injured birds get the treatment they need.



Our vision is to establish BirdCare Aotearoa as a National Centre of Excellence in wildlife rehabilitation.


Our mission is to care about, and care for, all birds. We do this through advocacy, education and care.


At BirdCare Aotearoa, we pride ourselves on being pro-active, positive, energetic and inclusive.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to alleviate pain and suffering for all bird life in Aotearoa New Zealand, particularly wild birds and our New Zealand native birds.