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Please support our Help us Fly campaign, your generous support will help keep our skies filled with beautiful birds!

To help the sustainability of our wild bird hospital, become a Friend of BirdCare Aotearoa by giving a recurring donation to save thousands of wild birds 💚

  Thank you for supporting our life-saving care!

Get them well again

$100 buys a week of medicine for pain relief and healing for a sick or injured bird.

NZ $100

Make them Warm

$500 supports 1 month’s electricity bills, thank you for keeping our patients warm.

NZ $500

Help them Swim

$1,000 supports 2 months water bills, so seabirds and waterfowl can swim during their recovery.

NZ $1000

Help them Fly!

$15,000 will buy an aviary for birds to regain their flight strength ahead of their release back into nature.

NZ $15000

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As a registered charity, all donations made to BirdCare Aotearoa are tax-deductible. You will receive a receipt at the end of the financial year for recurring donations.

The best way to help save BirdCare Aotearoa is to make a recurring donation, as this helps us plan our financial future.

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