Community Education and Advocacy

Community Education and Advocacy

BCA supports long-term sustainable conservation by fostering the connection between the community and our wild bird life. Through our growing database, we are increasingly able to identify the primary causes of admissions and promote community action to reverse this. Indeed, we’re able to spread our message of conservation to 14,000 direct followers, by sharing stories on our social media channels, website, newsletters, face-to-face events, as well as during admissions. We are confident that these communications, which are then disseminated through further social networks, will empower, engage and educate the community. Further, we regularly receive the attention of news media outlets, and advocate for the welfare of birdlife through invited TV and radio interviews, newspaper articles, magazine stories and social media.

Importantly, our community involves a diverse and dynamic network of volunteers, who regularly engage with the care of wild birds. Through their mahi aroha (labours of love), these volunteers are powerful ambassadors to spread our messages through our volunteer opportunities that allow the community to directly engage with and care for the wild birds we rehabilitate.


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