Advice about fledglings

Advice about fledglings

Need advice about fledglings, including how to recognise them, how to check for parents, what to do in the event of cat interaction, and when not to intervene?

Mallard Facts – Help Reduce Duck-nappings!

  • It is common for mallard hens to leave their ducklings to go feed (in peace 😊).
  • These ‘brood-breaks’ can last for over 2 hours.
  • It should not be assumed that ducklings encountered without a hen present have been abandoned.
  • It is rare for a hen to abandon her ducklings unless under severe duress e.g. constant predator (includes humans) harassment.
  • Unless you are certain a hen has been killed, i.e. have witnessed this occurring, please leave duckling where you found them.
  • If you observe the ducklings at a distance for 3 hours and the hen has not returned to them, then it may be reasonable to assume they have been abandoned.
  • Signs you need to get involved occur when there is a single duckling or a group in a highly agitated state, peeping loudly and unable to settle.


For more information you can also contact Fish and Game

07 849 1666

Mallard duckling – Photo by Simon Runting