A successful fundraiser!

Posted: July 19, 2021Categories: Birds in Care, Fundraising

A successful fundraiser!

Ruru hooked up to infusion pump

Ruru hooked up to our new infusion pump.


Thanks to the support of the community, BirdCare's recent annual Theatre Evening at Titirangi Theatre successfully raised the funds to purchase a much needed infusion pump.

An infusion pump is a device which controls the administration of small amounts of fluid to help a bird recover from injury.


The usual drip hook-up you might see in a hospital setting doesn't work as well.  It is a gravity fed system which does not provide the constant flow of pressure required to prevent blood clots developing.


In addition, constant movement by the patient makes it difficult to administer accurate amounts of fluid.  The drip also needs replenishment several times a day by a hospital attendant so birds may not receive the attention they need overnight.


The difference an infusion pump makes is that a patient can receive continuous and controlled amounts of fluids including pain relief 24 hours a day.  This is of huge benefit in aiding their recovery.


This Morepork (pictured above) arrived at our facility at 4pm, completely unresponsive and unable to open his eyes.  Under normal circumstances, he would receive fluids and pain medication and then be placed in an incubator overnight. However, with this late admission prior to closing, his prognosis would be poor.


With the purchase of our infusion pump, the morepork would instead receive continuous  and constant fluid infusions overnight, restoring his hydration and controlling his pain. As a result, the team is greeted the next morning by a Morepork on his feet, eyes wide open, and on the road to recovery... rather than a sad ending.


Thanks to everyone who supported our Theatre Evening and enabled us to purchase this awesome infusion pump!  We couldn't do this without you. x