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The very hungry oystercatcher

Waitā the oystercatcher arrived depressed, severely underweight, with suspected head trauma, damaged flight feathers, and some bald patches. After fluid therapy, he spent the night in the ICU on oxygen. The team then began to tube feed him to try and put some weight back on. After a week, Waitā moved to an aviary, where ...

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Posted: July 29, 2021Category: Birds in Care

A successful fundraiser!

  Thanks to the support of the community, BirdCare’s recent annual Theatre Evening at Titirangi Theatre successfully raised the funds to purchase a much needed infusion pump.   An infusion pump is a device which controls the administration of small amounts of fluid to help a bird recover from injury.   The usual drip hook-up you ...

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Posted: July 19, 2021Categories: Birds in Care, Fundraising

A juvenile oyster catcher with expensive taste in food!

I arrived at hospital (BirdCare Aotearoa) with a very sore head (suspected head trauma) and very skinny (underweight). The nice lady put me on oxygen, gave me something to drink (fluids) and made my head feel better (pain relief). Yay. I was given food through a tube for a few days and watched very closely ...

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Posted: June 8, 2021Tags: Category: Birds in Care