A juvenile oyster catcher with expensive taste in food!

Posted: June 8, 2021Tags: Category: Birds in Care

A juvenile oyster catcher with expensive taste in food!

Oyster Catcher in his pen

I arrived at hospital (BirdCare Aotearoa) with a very sore head (suspected head trauma) and very skinny (underweight). The nice lady put me on oxygen, gave me something to drink (fluids) and made my head feel better (pain relief). Yay.

I was given food through a tube for a few days and watched very closely by the nice lady. I was feeling better so she moved me into new digs (aviary) which are very nice.

She said I have a very impressive appetite and have bulked up by 200gms!

Not surprising really considering my favourite foods are handed to me on a plate...

- live mussels, partially cracked and must be 1-2 days only. Won't touch them after that!
- live mealworms (addicted much)
- dry mealworms in water
- live crabs
- marine worms

I'm really not fussy at all!

I've even been known to eat frozen marinara, live pipi, and earthworms if they're going begging.

I really like it here, so I think I'll stay here for a while, especially as my feathers are starting to moult. These babies need to be fully waterproof before I go anywhere.

But the nice lady says I need to start paying my way as I'm an expensive guest.

So here's the deal... if you promise to keep me in the luxury (diet) I've become accustomed to, until I leave... I promise to personally send you, and you only, pictures and updates of me and my fancy new feathers. Deal?

The nice lady says you just need to send me money (is that like oysters?)

I'm a cool bird and I hope you think so too... 🙂

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