Protect our Petrels – New website

Posted: January 1, 2023Category: Uncategorized

Protect our Petrels – New website

Introducing a new website coordinated by BirdCare Aotearoa team member and University of Auckland PhD student Ariel-Micaiah Heswall along with other passionate individuals, with the goal of promoting the conservation of Aotearoa's native seabirds. 


Driven by a passion to conserve seabirds, Protect Our Petrels began in 2022 when Auckland community members decided that enough was enough. Aotearoa is a seabird capital and sadly our seabirds are impacted heavily by us. It's time to raise awareness and bring about changes to help protect and conserve our seabirds.

Join the Protect Our Petrels community to help work towards a safer place for our seabirds.

Cook's petrel/tītī at release site after treatment at BirdCare Aotearoa